God has put something noble and good into every heart which his hand created

Mark Twain




GCG *B Pholia Farm RA Hubba Hubba

3 years and 4 years old (with BIS win)





Rosasharn's SS Aquarius*S

Rosasharn's TL Summer Sol *S

ARMCH Rosasharn's Tiger L+*S E

Stonewall's Apocalypse Now

ARMCH Goodwood Water Lilly 2*D VG

ARMCH Rosasharn's Eclipse 2*D E

ARMCH Goodwood Tom Thumb E +*S

ARMCH Stonewall's Little Luli *D

ARMCH Goodwood Water Lilly 2*D VG

Gay-Mor RA Kingwood + +*S

Stonewall's Raising Arizona ++ *S

ARMCH Goodwood Trillium E *D

It'l Do's Chalktah *D

Goodwood Loganberry

Goodwood Hey Hey Paula

Jobi Willa 4 *D

Jobi Jocko *S

Gay-Mor Berry's Jetstream ++*S

Goodwood Lingonberry +S

Gay-Mor Reggae's Nestle Quik 2*D AR

Gay-Mor RA Cream Puff 2*D

Stonewall's Raising Arizona ++ *S


Jobi Aida 3*D

Jobi Swirl *S

Gay-Mor Berry's Jetstream ++*S

Jobi Misti 2*D AR

Jobi Misti 2*D AR

Jobi Hershel *S

WGF Millie *D AR

  Offspring Brag

Pholia Farm HH Mango
(first freshening)

Dam: Pholia Farm QS Trinket 2*M

Pholia Farm HH Clover
(yearling milker)

Dam: AGS Jobi Chloe 2*M

Pholia Farm HH Freya
(first freshening)

Dam: Pholia Farm HB Pip Squeak


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