Rest is not quitting
The busy Career;
Rest is the fitting
Of self to one's sphere

'Tis the brook's motion
Clear without strive,
Fleeting to ocean,
After this life.

'Tis loving and serving,
The highest and best;
'Tis onward, unswerving,
And this is true rest.

Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe




About Us
Poetry Poms (A Focus on Pomeranians) is just the beginning of life long dream of producing and showing the best possible Pomeranians. We are located in rural Sprague Washington amongst the wheat fields and fishing lakes. As a small hobby kennel we are happily dedicated to the never-ending pursuit of an ideal. Our pursuit began in 2000 for quality Pomeranians to show and build our name with. We had pet Poms that we did obedience with, but knew right away that the beauty and soundness of a show quality Pomeranian was our focus. We pride ourselves on healthy dogs by feeding a quality dog food, giving lots of exercise, and doing OFA testing on patellas and thyroids. Our Pomeranians are noted for outstanding temperaments and beauty, a testament that our dedication to this breed is a reality. We work with Chriscendo, Design's, Bi-Mar, and Great Elms lines primarily.

We hope you like our site and come back to visit often. We love to get emails and phone calls regarding questions about this delightful little breed, so never hesitate to contact us.


Shelley Wiemer-Martin
Poetry Poms (A Focus on Pomeranians)
A continuation of OFA testing on Patella's and Thyroid

Tina Milks Carey (509) 559-2765
Shelly Martin (509) 257-1102 or (509) 279-8445.
Spokane WA (USA)


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